Share observations

We would like you to share your observations and experiences from travelling in the mountains with us. Your information can help us produce even better avalanche forecasts.

Submit observations

It helps us to verify that the forecasts are describing the actual snow conditions in the mountains. Information that we are very interested in are avalanche activity, observations of snow stability and snow distribution. We would also like to hear about general snow conditions for skiing or sledding.

Avalanche forecasts are valid for large geographical regions and there will always be some local snowpack variations that are difficult to pinpoint. This is especially true for more remote parts of our forecasting regions where uncertainty can be higher, where less people travel and where we get fewer observations. If you find that the content in the avalanche forecasts is in conflict with what you see when you travel in the field, we would really like you to inform us.

A picture is worth a thousand words so please share your photos from the mountains with us. You find us on Facebook Lavinprognoser and on Instagram. Please tag your mountain pictures #lavinprognoser

Report accidents and incidents

If you or any of your friends get involved in an avalanche accident or incident, please submit a report to us using this link.

You can do this anonymously but you are very welcome to provide us with your contact information. The purpose of gathering data about avalanche accidents and incidents is to learn how to increase safety and to avoid such events in the future. Pictures can be sent to Your report is valuable for reviewing the services of the SEPA Avalanche forecasts and to learn more about which type avalanche incidents that occur in the Swedish mountains.

Other comments

If you have any further questions or comments about the content of, you are always welcome to contact us.

Tel.:               +46 10 698 18 18


Avalanche education

If you want to get educated and learn more about avalanche safety, we strongly recommend certified SVELAV- avalanche educators.

A list of certified instructors can be found here:

SVELAV – is a national standardized education system for avalanche safety that is has been developed by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency in collaboration with the Swedish Police Authority, SWEFRO, Swedish Armed Forces, SLAO, Association of Swedish Mountain Guides and other organisations. All courses follow international standards and guidelines.

The SVELAV educational program offers specialized courses for professional and recreational use.